bonjour, je m'appelle Catherine


Hi, I’m Catherine Petit Wu.

I’m a facilitator of habit change, AKA certified transformational health coach. I help people trade pressure for pleasure in their relationship with food, their body, and their life.

Having experienced the stress, guilt and exhaustion of keeping up with a demanding career on Wall Street for 15 years while juggling the demands of a family life on top of it, I became passionate about finding a way to thrive through it all, and I am now showing others healthy ways to create a new baseline for pleasurable wellbeing that’s sustainable and life changing.



“I feel less cluttered in the brain and feel more directed and purposeful.”

“The reset transformed from what seemed like a daunting challenge to a positive experience in awareness about your body and your approach to eating.”

“I’m happier, joyful and more mindful.”