bienvenue! pleasure & health together at last



Fast-paced back to French roots

I’m Catherine Petit Wu. I lived my dream coming from a small town in France to being a New York City business woman, but after 15 years, the city rat race began to take its toll on my relationships and my health. I resented it and I doubled down on the “traditional” way, punishing myself with restrictive diets. But being a foodie, a big part of my identity as a French New Yorker, I was constantly at war with myself. I longed to return to my French roots — to slow down, to taste life again. So I went full circle to rediscover the joy of living. And on this journey I began to breathe again. Now, as a health coach, I help others do the same.


TCM Coaching and the science behind behavior change

The Transformational Coaching Method is an effective, scientifically proven way to subtly shift habits in a sustainable way. We work to rewire neurological patterns and address all areas of your life that might be affecting your well-being. It’s not only about what you do and eat, but how you think and feel about it.  

You don’t have to give up the good life for your health—the good life can be your way TO health. Imagine embracing your cravings as the messenger rather than the enemy. Imagine trading pressure for pleasure in your relationship with food, your body and your life.


Healthy is investing in the long-term

Calling all 35–55 year-olds:

Have you reached an age where you are noticing the same practices aren’t working for you and your body anymore? Is it harder than it used to be to bounce back from a holiday season? Maybe you have gained weight, maybe you are under a lot of stress and feeling fatigue, maybe you have a chronic health condition or injury, maybe you’re caring for family. You may be feeling frustrated and stuck, but the good news is, you have options. It’s not all downhill from here! A few tweaks to your habits and perspective can create a new baseline of well-being to take you through the next 40 years with a big smile on your face.


Let’s create a new baseline of well-being, together.